Hulu • Kids & Family, Young Adult • 30 minutes

Seasons 1-2 (12 eps total)

S2 Premiere: February 14, 2019

In the real world, Zac and Mia would have had little to say to each other, but in the hospital, where they’re both being treated for cancer, the usual rules don’t apply. Zac and Mia’s exchanges through their shared wall evolve into a bond that ...
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Anne Winters
as Mia

Kian Lawley
as Zac

Keli Daniels
as Jody

Tory Devon Smith
as Vinny

Meg DeLacy
as Chloe

Alexis G. Zall
as Bec

Tia Barr
as Helga

Sabrina Revelle
as Rachel

Executive Producers

Allen Clary, Jordan Levin, Brett Bouttier, Joe Davola, Lisa Filipelli, Jina Jones, Kian Lawley, Shauna Phelan, Brian Robbins, Shelley Zimmerman