go90 • Kids & Family, Young Adult • 30 minutes

Season 1 (6 Episodes)

Released: November 22, 2017

Rival lacrosse stars, Madison and Lauren, find themselves forced to play on the same team in a tournament. They must find a way to deal with their differences and join forces with their teammates to battle the best lacrosse players on the west coast.


Camille Hyde
as Madison

Maddie McCormick
as Lauren

Claudia Sulewski
as Skylar

Mallory Low
as Liv

Megan Nicole
as Gamboa

Aric Floyd
as Zach

Peyton Meyer
as Ethan

Brandon Larracuente
as Dominic

Executive Producers

Tanner Bean, Brett Bouttier, Joe Davola, Don Dunn, Matthew Kaplan, Jordan Levin, Katrina Mathewson, Amy Rice