Paramount+ • Drama, International Production • 60 minutes

Season 1 (8 Episodes)

Premiere: December 22, 2022

THE SHEIKH tells a tale inspired by true events: A man who can barely read and write drives the financial power of Switzerland to the brink of a national crisis with his fraudulent investments. Acting without intention and through no fault of his ...
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Björn Meyer
as Ringo

Petra Schmidt-Schaller
as Carla

Giuseppe Bonvissuto
as Rocco

Ava Jojat
as Juno

Philippe Graber
as Urs

Carol Schuler
as Pina

Max Hopp
as Victor

Bettina Stucky
as Beatrice

Executive Producers

Dani Levy, Laura Abril, Susanne Schildknecht, Maria Cervera, Steffen Kottkamp