CBS • Drama, Western • 60 minutes

Seasons 1-8 (217 eps total)

Released: 1958-1966

The award-winning show revolves around a group of cattle drovers on a cattle drive along the Sedalia Trail in the post-Civil War era. The show focuses on their challenges, conflicts, and adventures as they navigate the rugged terrain, deal with ...
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Clint Eastwood
as Rowdy Yates

Eric Fleming
as Gil Favor

Paul Brinegar
as Wishbone

Steve Raines
as Jim Quince

Robert Cabal
as Hey Soos

Charles D. Gray
as Clary Forrester

John Ireland
as Jed Colby

James Murdock
as Mushy

Executive Producers

Charles Marquis Warren, Vincent M. Fennelly, Ben Brady, and Endre Bohem