Atresplayer Premium • Drama, International Production, Suspense • 60 minutes

Season 1 (8 Episodes)

Premiere: September 25, 2022

A young gypsy woman is murdered through a macabre ritual identical to the one suffered by her sister seven years ago, and for which there is a man in jail. Either an innocent man was imprisoned, or he is an imitator. Inspector Elena Blanco, a woman ...
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Nerea Barros
as Elena Blanco

Ignacio Montes
as Zárate

Mona Martínez
as Marajo

Lucía Martín Abelló
as Chesca

Vicente Romero 
as Orduño

Françesc Garrido
as Buendia

Ginés García Millán 
as Rentero

Darío Grandinetti
as Miguel Vistas