YouTube Premium • Kids & Family, Young Adult • 30 minutes

Seasons 1-4 (36 eps total)

S4 Premiere: October 24, 2018

Andie is a frustrated teen with big aspirations of finding a boyfriend despite her older brother's dogged determination to keep her chaste during her high school years. Every time Andie puts herself out there, Alec appears out of nowhere to ...
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Jenn McAllister
as Andie

Cameron Mouléne
as Josh

Logan Paul
as Alec

Rickey Thompson
as Dakota

Meghan Falcone
as Courtney

Rahart Adams
as Kent

John Milhiser
as Mr. Shaw

Monica Sherer
as Mae

Executive Producers

Marissa Read, Selyna Warren, Shauna Phelan, Jordan Levin, Brin Lukens, Joe Davola, Brian Robbins, Shelley Zimmerman, Brett Bouttier, Amy York Rubin