Paramount+ • Drama, International Production • 60 minutes

Seasons 1-2 (16 eps total)

S2 Premiere: December 7, 2023

THE ENVOYS tells the mission of two priests from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Vatican team in charge of verifying and studying miracles of potential saints, who are sent to Mexico to verify alleged miraculous healings of another ...
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Miguel Angel Silvestre
as Simón Antequera

Luis Gerardo Méndez
as Pedro Salinas

Irene Azuela
as Adriana Cortés

Miguel Rodarte
as Federico Molina Reyes

Adrian Vazquez
as Rafael Quintana

Jose Sefami
as Guillermo Prado

Fernando Becerril
as Monseñor Benavent

Assira Abbate
as Emilia

Executive Producers

Federico Cuervo, Ezequiel Groisman, Eamon O'Farrill, Angeles Roldan, Jose Viggiano, and Juan José Campanella