Paramount+ • Thriller, Foreign Language • 90 minutes

Premiere: May 5, 2023

Seven people are kidnapped, tied up and suddenly wake up scattered in the living room of a mansion. A loud noise coming from two speakers startles them and warns them that they are now part of a game. The game participants must follow 4 rules: 1) ...
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Manolo Cardona
as Pablo Vega

Maribel Verdú
as Marta

Carla Adell
as Lupe

Dagoberto Gama
as Armando

Juan Carlos Remolina
as Estéban

Fernando Becerril
as José

Adriana Paz
as Teresa

Executive Producers

Juancho Cardona, Manolo Cardona, Frank Ariza, Raúl Prieto, Federico Cuervo, Guillermo Borensztein, Fernando Gastón